Dr. Nicholas Opie

Research Fellow 2017

Being paralysed means losing control of your own body. It can be debilitating in more ways than one. But not for long. Something has come along that will enable people with paralysis to control wheelchairs, exoskeletons and computers with their brain.

Westpac Scholar, Dr. Nicholas Opie has designed the Stentrode, the world’s first brain recording device that can be implanted without invasive surgery. He now has the opportunity to translate the device into clinical use to treat a wide range of neurological conditions. The technology will significantly change the lives of those with physical disabilities.

When asked about what the Westpac Scholarship means to him, he said it means everything. It means he can stay in Australia and continue his research. But more importantly, it means he can conduct more human clinical trials, enabling him access to the best possible chance of successfully helping people around the world with neurological illnesses.